Monday, March 13, 2006

Code Violations??? or City Service Requests?

CODE COMPLAINTS used Against the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park
A TRUTHFUL Accounting of 154 listings all turned in as NEGATIVE evidence against the MHPark to the Board of Adjustments in 2005 by Ms. Dolores Wolfe and 13 Neighborhood groups. The BOA used misleading information about Code and Crime stats to revoke the MHPark's legal grandfathered zoning status on Dec. 14, 2005

Look at the DETAILS of each of the 154 s0-called code violations in the petition against the Park - all of these were counted as NEGATIVE EVIDENCE against the MHPark, even the duplicated entries and the simple citizen service requests. It makes one afraid to call 311 to ask for any City service as it can be counted against you in the future. Here is the real TRUTH and note at the end, how much difference from 2002 to 2005 which no one has thought to point out.

The 154 "violations" against the MHPark included all of the following:

Duplications and City Service requests (should not be negative code evidence)
- Duplicated listings, marked as “duplicates”or same date/request
42 - Requests for City Services – not “code violations”
5-20-02 – Request to City, limbs obstructing alley
7/29/02 - Oil/Chemical Spill “ upstream near St.Francis”- MHPark not faulted
5-21-03 – Plumbing report “no violation found…city property”
2003 - (2) requests for garbage roll carts
6/7/04 - Manager reported outsiders using MHPark BulkTrashArea
6/12/04 - Manager again reports outsiders using Bulk Trash Area
8/24/04 – (2 calls) Manager calls- trash not being picked up by city
6/7/04 – Manager reported city trash truck snapped elec. line
8/24/04 – request to replace street lighting
2005 - (4) calls for estimates to pay for extra bulk trash pick-up
(3) Calls to Animal Control to pick up a dead animal, front of MHPark (incl owl)
(1) Calls to Animal Control for animal trap to trap “strays” in park
(6) Calls to Animal Control about trapped (confined) stray animals (incl possum)
(17) Requests to Animal Control to catch stray animals (not Park animals)

Remaining MINOR Code Issues (calls) within City records:
2 – Plumbing Issues (2002 only, no others in the 154 listings)
1 - Illegal Dumping (2003 only)
1 – Oversized vehicle (2003 only)
5 – Bulk Trash violations (putting trash out too early)
11 – High Weeds (2002-03 only) posted at individual homes
18 – Illegal outside storage (all in 2003 posted in a 2 day period to individual homes)
25 – Litter (all in 2003 posted in a 2 day period to individual homes)
5 - Junk Motor Vehicles (all posted on one single day in 2003)
8 – Litter (all posted in a 1 day period in 2004, posted to individual homes)
2 – Prohibited roosters
1 - Case reported to Animal Control of too many cats at 1 residence
7 - Reports to Animal Control about resident pets being loose
2 – Other misc. Animal related violations

88 Total minor Code complaint issues (not 154 as alleged in application against MHPark)

71 – Code Complaints are from 2002/03 – all cases closed
17 - Code Complaints are from 2004/05 - all cases closed

Prepared by Marty Ray, January 10, 2005
Review of these findings welcomed!


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