Tuesday, December 12, 2006

LOSERS & WINNERS in the AshCreek Battle

Christmas lights at AshCreek MHPark, by resident Jack Loughead
TRUTH about the "Battle of the AshCreek Mobile Home Park" must be spread; it has been a disgraceful handling by some of the powerful in the community. At a time of goodwill and cheer, those that live at AshCreek will lose their homes and community as they are forcefully moved from AshCreek Mobile Home Park. But who are truly the LOSERS and the WINNERS in the end of this story?

LOSERS – here are certainly at least (4) to make note of:
(1) Mr. Leo Chaney, City Councilman who supposedly represents the people who live at AshCreek MHPark. He mostly hid from them and would not meet with them. He showed no courage to try and address this situation, avoided speaking to the residents or anyone who did not agree with his political friends (of FRI) who started the effort to "get rid and fueled the continued fire to get rid of the MHPark along Ashcreek. Mr. Chaney is not a winner in this issue!

(2) The FRI (Ferguson Road Initiative) a community group trying to better the area near Ferguson Road. They failed this community (and certainly the residents of AshCreek MHPark) Within this group, the seed and networking began to "get rid of the MHPark", as they had identified the site long ago for big high‑dollar development. They went along with untrue crime and code claims against the Park, allowing every 911 call associated with the Park to stand for a criminal act; they never called for a true community meeting on the issue or invited the residents of the Park to speak with them, and never contacted the owner of the Park with any of their complaints before they went full force to "get rid of the Park" with a petition to the Board of Adjustments. In their zeal to find land for expensive real estate development, they forgot to consider the less fortunate and less powerful members of our community. They say they wish to "help" now ‑ why did they not try conversations and communications earlier to see how they might "help" rather than just trying to wipe AshCreek off the map in this community?

(3) Another loser? A Dallas lawyer (for FRI) ‑ Ms. Wolfe, has shown questionable ethics in the case against the MHPark, disregarding the ethical behavior of her profession ‑ not checking details of claims of crime and code issues before turning them in as overblown and untrue statistics in a legal filing to the Board of Adjustments of Dallas.

(4) Another real LOSER ‑ the Dallas City Attorney's office of Code Enforcement ‑ seemingly unable to be fair and reasonable in demands against the landowner/business owner of the AshCreek Mobile Home Park. This office through an assistant attorney has thrown unreasonable and costly Code issues against the owner in a demand for major $$ items to be taken care of in an unreasonable amount of time. One example, a demand that the current asphalt road thru the park be redone as concrete – a cost of more than $150,000. This not even a Code issue for AshCreek before the Board of Adjustments took the Grand fathered zoning away from the MHPark in Dec. 2006 (and that very decision is under appeal at this time). But City Attorney’s office demands this of the owner instantly. How can a landowner/businessman fight a multi-million dollar budget of the City Attorney's office ‑ their time and funds is never‑ending to continue the legal battle ‑ an individual business owner does not have unlimited funds to pay for lawyers and legal fees.

WINNERS? Could it possibly be that the RESIDENTS of the MHPark will somehow come out the real WINNERS in some way down the road, in the future? They will certainly lose their community and homes, but maybe, MAYBE, they will ultimately be the WINNERS ‑ they will surely have better times and luck awaiting them in time, and they certainly do come to the end of this battle with their INTEGRITY and HONESTY still INTACT. They will be able to think back on the GOOD fight they gave to try and save their homes. Underneath it all, the RESIDENTS of ASHCREEK MHPark are the HEROS in this battle – which has been and continues to be a disgraceful story for the City of Dallas.

Marty Ray
One of Many Concerned Neighbors of AshCreek Homes - C-NOAH


Blogger robertp said...

Good website nicely done. When the fix is in it is very hard to turn thing around. Push as hard as you can, don't be afraid to be strong with the city as nice and polite will be ignored. You pretty much have to stand up and say "I accuse!" Visit the city DRC planning department, see if developers have been sniffing around to use the property."

Good luck to you.
Robert Perkis

10:09 PM  

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