Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Letters to Editor

Letter to Dallas Observer 12/29/05:
Divided we stand:
As a resident of The Enclave at White Rock, I want to let you know that there is a group of us that were/are strongly opposed to presenting that petition to the Board of Adjustment. It was far from a unanimous decision on the part of the homeowners association to do so.

We moved to the neighborhood in the spring, far after the wheels had been set in motion to have the trailers removed. I think you would be deeply saddened by some of the e-mails that floated around our Yahoo group describing the park and allegations of behavior about the people who live in it. In an offline e-mail, I was personally told that I had to "agree to disagree" on the topic of the petition by the person who constructed it, and it was inferred that I should stop further communications regarding my dissenting opinion. There were several of us who thought if anything at all should be done, we should help them clean it up and let the powers that be handle the rest. Unfortunately, that petition was going to be filed regardless of what some of us said, and I'm honestly not sure if we were in the majority or minority. I don't think we as a group did enough to try to stop it, and I regret it.

I don't feel like those of us in the Enclave with a dissenting opinion were represented at all in your article or by "our" homeowner's association. The article portrayed ALL of us as the haves picking on the have-nots, and that was not the case at all. Nobody wants the families in Ash Creek to be exposed to raw sewage or electrical wires as the inspection stated but, as an affluent community, together we had the ability to handle the situation differently. There have been huge, heated debates within our community that I am sure have permanently divided us.
Ashleigh Marcus, Dallas

Dallas Observer 12/29/05

Letter to Dallas Morning News, Letters - 12/26/06
Spare us the tears now

Re: “Will they be driven away? Trailer park in jeopardardy amid code violations, neighbor complaints.” Tuesday Metro – Dallas Morning News

I am one of the residents of the Enclave at White Rock who begged Linda Madeley not to proceed with her crusade to do away with the trailer park. Why is she tearful about the residents now, when she would not listen to those of us who tried to make her realize she was dealing with human beings, not just a trailer park?
Mary Canterbury, Dallas
Dallas Morning News – Dec. 26, 2005

Letter to Dallas Observor, 1/12/06
Anarchy in the trailer park: In regard to the letter by Matt Henry of the Enclave (Letters, January 5), your insensitive stereotyping and callousness toward the residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park does more to bolster that written in the Schutze article ("Board of Scrooges," December 22) than to defend you and your neighbors. Well done. I especially like the image of the gun-totin' trailer-park yokels whooping it up on New Year's Eve. Hey Matt, watch for stray bullets.
Holly B. West, Dallas
Jan. 12, 2006 DallasObserver

Letter to Dallas Observer, 1/5/06
McMansioned to death:
I wonder whether the builders and buyers of the houses in the Enclave at White Rock who are discomfited by the proximity of their less fortunate neighbors in Ash Creek Mobile Home Park ever gave a thought to those of us who have lived for decades on the pleasantly unpretentious streets adjacent to their invasive McMansions. For years we enjoyed an unspoilt view beyond Highland Road and the fun of watching from our front porch as fireworks exploded over Fair Park. These "puffed-up" houses have rendered such pleasures a thing of the past.
Tessa Oglesby, Dallas

Letter to Dallas Observer, 1/5/06
Up on the hill:
Wonderful article on those "up on the hill," cell phone surgically attached to their faces, keeping up with the Joneses, we don't care about anyone but ourselves idiots. I would like to know where the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park is so that I can judge for myself what the heck these numb minds are thinking. I think using the law to this end is immoral and unjust. But money is more important than people.
Lisa Hall, Dallas

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