Saturday, December 30, 2006

TIMING TERRIBLE to force Park Closing

AshCreek residents, Benito and Dwayne in April getting ready for the Protest at City Hall
All efforts to save the AshCreek Mobile Home Park seem over. The owner has given up after more than a year of hearings, upgrading and rezoning efforts. Now the owner has notified residents of a closing date of FEb. 9; (this date is partly due to a timeline set by Dallas City Attorney's office related to a recently requested requirement that the owner install a very expensive concrete drive thru the park (to meet firecodes). The road would replace an asphault road thru the park that the owner repaved a few years back at the request of the city. This concrete road requirement - with a cost of possibly over $150,000 is causing the owner to give up the fight to save the Park, but now the closing date gives a drastically unrealistic time period for residents to make plans for relocation.
FEB. 9 is the date (as of now) for all to be moved with all possessions removed from the Park, including their mobile home. Residents were notified only on Dec. 9. It is most difficult during this holiday season (many offices are closed and weather is unsure). Even with the help now being offered by City services, it is most difficult during this time period to make all the necessary arrangements and decisions for relocation. Many residents say they need to remain close to city bus lines, children's schools, and their work in this area - (but where to move?) The only close MobileHome Park (on Lawnview) does not have available space. Offers from Parks in far Mesquite, Seagoville, Hutchins does'nt work for most. Besides "money" for moving costs - TIME is critical most of all..... hopefully the City Attorney's office and the owner can agree on an extention of time.
The people at AshCreek simply need TIME as well as financial help to make this move. Let's hope the extended time comes forward very soon.
Would any of us want to be in these shoes? Deciding where to move, including trying to sell our home even, maybe having to move our children from their schools - all right during Christmas break and the New Year and the coming January winter weather!
Come on DALLAS, come on EVERYONE involved - what are we thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Concerned Neighbors of AshCreek Homes



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