Tuesday, March 14, 2006


To: The Residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park

On Monday February 27 a law suit was formally served against the City of Dallas Texas AND the Dallas County Board of Adjustment. The suit states that the BOA erroneously determined that "The Park" was having an adverse effect on nearby properties with NO indication that the Park could be seen from nearby areas and that the only testimony about criminal activity in the area was that no criminal activity was attributable to the residents of the Park. The board further erred by neglecting the cost of closure to those most affected by the decision. . .The Park Residents...

It further states that Mr. Taylor Brannon, who moved to have this action taken, was disqualified from serving on the board at that time.

The City failed to take into consideration the costs for any residents to move. There is case law REQUIRING the resident's cost be taken into account.

In summation, the City actions constitute an unlawful taking of property of both the land owner AND the Park residents. The Fifth and the Fourteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution have been violated, and Article 1, Section 17, of the Constitution of the State of Texas has been violated.

A permanent injunction enjoining the City and the Board from enforcing the unlawful order to prohibit the lawful use of the property as a trailer park has been sought.

Hang in there folks. WE WILL WIN!!!!

Steve Crossett, Owner
Ash Creek Mobile Home Park


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