Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Who Supported Actions Against the MHPark?

Thirteen neighborhood groups supposedly supported an application to the City of Dallas that included exaggerated and false claims against the AshCreek Mobile Home Park and residents! Are you a member of one of these groups? *See below - some have backed out as of summer, 2006.

Neighborhood Organizations listed on the Application

Several over 2 miles from the MHPark

Enclave at White Rock Association (166 homes)
Highland on the Creek Assoc. (107 homes)
Enclave of Ash Creek Assoc. (66 homes)
Forest Creek Association (16 condominiums)
Forest Hills Assoc. (637 homes) (8/12/06, Pres. of FHAssoc sent letter stating FH Assoc. no longer supports petition against the MHPark and pulled their name off this list)
Casa Linda Forest Assoc. (426 homes)
Forest Hills Security (learned in July '06 this group never voted on this petition and they have pulled their name off, are NOT opposing the MHPark)
Lakeland Hills Crime Watch (649 homes)
White Rock Village Crime Watch (330 homes, 5 apart complexes)
Forest Oaks Crime Watch (100 homes)
Hillridge Crime Watch (661 homes)
Harry Stone Crime Watch (796 homes)
FRI – Ferguson Road Initiative (20 Homeowners Associations)

Many people who live in these neighborhoods knew nothing at all about this action against the MHPark. The evidence in the application was gathered by Dolores Wolfe (Enclave of AshCreek) and Linda Madeley (Enclave of WhiteRock).

Ms. Madeley or Ms. Wolfe nor any of the neighborhood groups ever contacted the owner or manager of the MHPark to try to suggest solutions to their concerns. Instead the issue was sent straight to the City with unjust claims that the MHPark was a "magnet for crime" and a nuisance to the community. Every 311 and 911 call made from the MHPark was used as the evidence to prove this! The Board of Adjustments voted on Dec. 14, 2005, to take away the legal zoning status of the Park and has given Nov. 15, 2006, for all residents to be moved and the owner's business closed.

A lawsuit has now been filed by the owner (see Lawsuit). Main points include that at no time during the hearings was there any testimony proving crimes committed in the Park.

Did your Neighborhood Group sign onto this application? If so, did you vote to do so? Did you or anyone in your group truly review the evidence within the application?

*As of August 2006, only 11 signers of this petition remai, maybe less? And only one is directly adejacent to the MHPark. Some of members of these groups may not even know their Assoc signed on to this false information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a former resident of the Enclave at Ash Creek, I am both disgusted and embarrassed that my former Home Owners association supported the eviction of innocent people from their homes. In some defense of my former community, I am aware that most residents were unaware of the vicious attack by the former HOA president Delores Wolfe was undertaking on these people that she felt were not worthy of living near her home. It was acts like this by Delores that helped my wife and I decide to sell and move. I know that doesn't help the people who will soon be without homes or the financial means to move away from the evil that is Delores Wolfe. It is sad that an individual like Delores can find a way to hurt so many innocent people for no reason. I just hope that the City of Dallas can find a solution to prevent these people from becoming homeless.

11:58 AM  

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