Sunday, April 23, 2006

Should they be KICKED out of our neighborhood?

Richard and his daughter Susan at the rally at City Hall April 2006

Richard Grahmn, 87 yr old honored WWII veteran, is a resident of Ash Creek MHPark. Along with two daughters and other residents, he will be forced to move out of the Park by November 15. He and the other residents have been labeled a NUSIANCE to the NEIGHBORHOOD!

Richard and 47 families OWN their homes and pay city property taxes, but some of the homes (due to age) cannot be moved. When the City voted in December to shut down the Park - based on false evidence (read about this in our March Archives), the city Board of Adjustments gave ZERO consideration for financial assistance to the Park homeowners who lease the land. NOR DID THE BOA ALLOW FAIR TIME for the residents to make new living arrangements and recoup financial losses. THESE MHPark residents OWN their small homes and are working with the owner to "Save the Park" which is close to work, schools and friends.

Join other Concerned Neighbors in the area at the City Plan Commission Hearing on MAY 18 at 1:30. Show support to allow Park upgrades to be made within a set period of time. Support the owner and the resident HOMEOWNERS of the Ash Creek MHPark. They do not deserve to be kicked out of our neighborhood!

Read further below and in our Archives to see more of this SAD Neighborhood story.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

City Hall Protest includes children of the MHPark - April 15, 2006

Cecilia, 8 yr. old rally speaker, and brother Jose protest efforts to shut down the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park. They go to an excellent school just down the street from the Park.

Ash Creek Mobile Home Park familes, friends and supporters held a "speakout" in front of Dallas City Hall on April 15 to protest a City ruling to shut down the Park by Nov. 15. ACORN organized the event and was there in full support.
The residents of the MHPark OWN their homes and pay City Taxes. Many will not be able to move their homes off the site and the City has offered no reimbursements for any losses!
At the "speakout", an eight year old latino girl, Cecilia, spoke about losing her family's home to big developers. She has already touched the hearts of many with her comments on WHEN McMANSIONS ATTACK DALLAS (MONDAYS at 10 P.M. Comcast cable 15B and 75 Digital ). Speaking in both ENGLISH and SPANISH, this young lady worries about losing her home and her school. What a kid! Her SINGLE WORKING MOM can be proud of her!

Read more in the April archives on WHO Started the ACTION against the MHPARK! Read about the FALSE code and crime statistics used in this case to remove a "legal" grandfathered zoning permit. This all ocurred at a Dec. 14 Board of Adjustments hearing! See more in the Archives of this site.

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Monday, April 03, 2006

Where are the Criminals?

The residents of Ash Creek Mobile Home Park include families with children, retired seniors, hard working adults. A few upper income people in the neighborhood claim the MHPark is a hot bed of crime! Where are the criminals!

The real crime seems to be coming from outside the Park from those who used false information to bring this City action against the MHPark. Join the newsletter about this issue. Contact

Sunday, April 02, 2006

AshCreek Residents Protest Efforts to Shut Down the MHPark

Residents of the AshCreek Mobile Home Park OWN their homes and rent their lot at the MHPark. They worry about where they will live if the MHPark is shut down by the City of Dallas.

Some have trailer homes that cannot be moved due to age, children fear having to change schools if they are forced to move. Most do not like the idea of living in an apartment. No. 1 - they OWN their homes! Several have animals that apartments would not allow. They love having a small yard and living in this wooded environment.

These residents live and work and go to school in our neighborhood!

Why do we want them removed?????????

Saturday, April 01, 2006

If you take our home away.......

Ash Creek Mobile Home Park residents and the owner are working together to try to save the "Park" that has existed in this spot since the late 1940's

City Plan Commission will listen to a new zoning proposal from the owner for a new Special Use Permit - SUP. Support this effort on May 11 at the City Plan Commission!

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