Thursday, August 10, 2006


Here is a statement read at the May 18 Plan Commission Hearing; permission was given by Sgt. Dillon, Dallas Police Officer:

"A review of criminal offenses and calls reported occurring in the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park over the last three years revealed nothing unusual or any excessive number of criminal offenses'."

Sgt. R. C. Dillon, #4535Northeast Patrol Division

In the original petition filed to the City against the MHPark, Ferguson Road Initiative (FRI), the Enclave of White Rock Lake, and the Enclave of AshCreek were among several groups that signed a FALSELY prepared petition which alledged the AshCreek Mobile Home Park was a "hotbed of crime." Much of the petition has now been proven to be abosolute exaggerations, including false claims of terrible crime ocurring at the MHPark property.

Several neighborhood leaders wrongly used ALL 911 calls with the MHPark address, as proof of crimes by residents or on the Park property. It has been found that two things were NOT CONSIDERED by these unfair community leaders:

1. Many 911 calls from the MHPark were from residents REPORTING activities of suspicion in the creek and RR areas that surround the Park; these were NOT crimes committed by anyone at the MHPark or at the property. A close reading of the 911 data would have told those preparing the statistics against the Park this information easily.

2. Many 911 reports associated with the MHPark address, were for "crimes" that did not happen on the MHPark property, but at locations nearby without street addresses (the creek, the RR area, or empty lots along Highland Rd). Often the MHPark was the closest street address, and therefore was listed on many 911 calls that did not involve the MHPark in any way.

Those who stirred up these FALSE claims against the MHPark regarding CRIME never looked carefully at their information. However, they worked hard to spread their false information throughout the neighborhood and at legal City hearings. The first hearings against the Park, at the Dallas Board of Adjustments in 2005, proved that even BOA members did not pay close attention to the 911 details either. However, the City Plan Commissioners, on May 18, were not fooled by the overly exaggerated crime claims. And the statement that was read from Sgt. Dillon helped determine the real truth on the matter of Crime at AshCreek MHPark.

C-NOAH (Concerned Neighbors of Ashcreek Homes) has recently been informed that at least two (and maybe more) of the original signers of the petition, have now backed out of that petition and along with C-NOAH and others in the area are backing the Plan Commission's suggestion of a 2 year SUP to allow the owner and residents to do needed upgrades to the MHPark.

FInaLLY, individuals and neighborhood groups who signed on to this false information may wish to do the right thing, and support the City Plan Commission recommendation of a 2 year SUP (with conditions) for the MHPark. The Plan Commissioners - 13 in all - voted unanimously on May 18 to recommend the SUP to the City Council. (At this time City Planners must approve a pending site plan for the MHPark before it can go to the Council).

The least one might do (if they backed the original petition with false exaggerations) is to extend an apology to the AshCreek resident/homeowners of the Park. No one should be proud that they helped spread this damaging information about the good people who live at the AshCreek Mobile Home Park.

If you as an individual or Homeowner's group have questions or wish to extend apologies, please do so by contacting or