Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dallas Observer, Jim Schutze article - Miracle on Marilla Street

Respect was finally given on May 18th
Read Jim Schutze's article
"Miracle on Marilla Street" - Someone at City Hall Cares!
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Vegatable Garden of AshCreek MHPark CAN KEEP GROWING!

Strawberries, tomatoes, squash and okra are growing in this small garden at the AshCreek Mobile Home Park. With the Special Use Permit unanimousily approved by Dallas Plan Commission on May 18, its likely that this garden will be around for a good while to come. Watch this site for an update on the garden and more!

Richard weeds his garden at the AshCreek Mobile Home Park.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Video Series Schedule - When McMansions Attack Dallas - SaveAshCreekHomes!

Bill taping the Speak Out at City Hall
on April 15, 2006

Below Duane speaks out for fairness and the future
of his home and AshCreek Mobile Home Park!

Residents and supporters of AshCreek MHPark, Dallas City Hall

See video of The Speak Out/Protest-Dallas City Hall,
When McMansions Attack Dallas - Episode 9
5/22/2006 Mon 10:00 pm, Channel 15B or 75
5/23/2006 Tue 9:30 pm, Channel 15B or 75
5/24/2006 Wed 10:30 am, Channel 15B or 75
5/26/2006 Fri 2:30 pm, Channel 15B or 75
5/28/2006 Sun 12:00 am, Channel 15B or 75
5/29/2006 Mon 10:00 pm, Channel 15B or 75
5/31/2006 Wed 10:30 am, Channel 15B or 75
6/2/2006 Fri 2:30 pm, Channel 15B or 75

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When McMansions Attack Dallas, Episode 7
Call-in show on ACORN Radio Hour, KNON. How Dallas
"appropriates" land in the White Rock area, for big developers.
5/21/2006 Sun 12:00 am, Channel 15B or 75
5/22/2006 Mon 3:00 pm, Channel **** 27A ***** (27A is the best of DCTV)
5/30/2006 Tue 6:00 pm, Channel 15B or 75
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Friday, May 19, 2006


On May 18, the City Plan Commission saw a sea of yellow buttons worn by residents and neighbors in support of the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park.

Residents of AshCreek Mobile Home Park, Duane, Melissa and Benito, with sign in support of zoning for a Special Use Permit (SUP).

May 18, 2006, the Dallas Plan Commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to support an SUP - Special Use Permit for the MHPark. This will give the owner 6 months from time City Council may approve to bring the property up to Dallas Code standards. Conditions include fencing, landscaping, open space for playground, creation of stricter "Park Rules" and other improvements.

At the May 18 hearing before the Plan Commission, Eleven speakers and at least 35 supporters were there for the MHPark. The opposition numbers were visibly slim with only four speakers and only a handful of people opposing the MHPark. Those that spoke in opposition did not live in close proximity to the MHPark, whereas those speakers in support of the MHPark (other than residents) lived within a few houses or few blocks from the property.

The Dallas City Council must approve the SUP at a future hearing.

CRIME CLAIMS PUT DOWN! A Dallas Police officer and Crime Watch officer of the area, gave permission for the following the be read at the Plan Commission hearing:

"A review of criminal offenses and calls reported occurring in the Ash Creek Mobile Home Park over the last three years revealed nothing unusual or any excessive number of criminal offenses'."
Sgt. R. C. Dillon, #4535
Northeast Patrol Division

As supporters and residents have been claiming, the opposition has over-stated issues related to CRIME from the beginning of their petition against the MHPark!

The experience of working together has been personally rewarding for many. It shows how important it is to be involved in your community - to always speak when something matters to you, and TRUTH MATTERS!

We were NOT afraid to SPEAK TRUTH to POWER and so far, we have WON for now!

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Petition SUPPORTING Mobile Home Park signed by MANY

The Petition below was signed by many individuals in support of a Special Use Permit (SUP) for the AshCreek Mobile Home Park and is part of records for the Plan Commission hearing of May 18. Homeowners living in nearby neighborhoods such as Forest Hills, Little Forest Hills, and Forest Meade signed the petition. Support has steadily grown for the MHPark as more facts have come forward that claims of crime and code violations within the Park have been extremely exaggerated by those opposing the MHPark.

The Petition:

To:Dallas City Plan Commissioners
and Honorable Chair
City of Dallas
1500 Marilla Street, Room 5 BN
Dallas, Texas 75201

IN SUPPORT of the AshCreek Mobile Home Park
RE: Zoning CASE #Z056-183

1. I support approval of a Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow the owner and homeowners within the Park to meet conditions for improvement & management over a specified period of time.
2. I support a 2 year review of the SUP to see that conditions are met in timely fashion.
3. I support conditions for the MHPark that will insure safe, healthy, and improved living conditions within the “Park”.
4. I support diversity of cultures and housing options for varied income levels in our neighborhood and feel the MHPark meets these goals.
5. I support honest and direct communication between the AshCreek MHPark owner, management, Park residents and neighborhood groups in near proximity.
6. I suggest this parcel of land is fitting for a MHPark, wedged between a creek and a railroad track and within a rural-like setting.
7. I support truth and honesty in all matters related to the MHPark. We are against prejudice, rumor and distribution of false information against the owner or residents of the MHPark.

Name.................. Address..............Neighborhood
For more information contact Concerned Neighbors of AshCreek Homes

Sunday, May 07, 2006

MAY 18th Hearing at City Plan Commission - Support the AshCreek MHPark

Peaceful Dove at the AshCreek MHPark
On May 18, the Dallas Plan Commission will review a Special Use Permit (SUP) proposal for the AshCreek MHPark. The owner & residents plan to meet several conditions to upgrade the Park over a set period of time with approval of the SUP. Neighbors in the area should support this effort. To learn how to help, contact Concerned Neighbors of AshCreek Homes at . You can sign our petition to Save the MHPark, attend the hearing to stand or speak in support, or write to the Plan Commission.